On Campus

The brothers of Delta Chi belong to 43 different on-campus student organizations and 68% of the chapter is involved in at least one other organization outside of the fraternity. They participate in various ways around campus such as working for UA Rec or UA Libraries, club sports, and Division 1 NCAA athletics.  The chapter also has a member in the Blount Undergraduate Initiative and another that holds three patents. Belonging to different organizations will help develop a more diverse social network, help gain additional experience, and make a positive impact on the Capstone community. For this reason, we now require each of our incoming members to belong to and actively participate in two additional organizations to remain an active member.

Off Campus

Delta Chi is proud to call a U.S Marine Reserve a brother as he studies on the GI Bill. Three members are founders of their own companies while five are on-campus ambassadors for clothing brands, textbook companies, and apartment complexes. One member, dedicated to philanthropy for veterans, founded his own non-profit organization, American Veterans Association.

Notable Active Delta Chis

  • President of Order of Omega Greek Society at UA, Mac Gardner
  • IFC Director of Community Outreach and Wellbeing, Jake Eagle
  • IFC Social Guidelines Comittee, John Paul Ledet
  • IFC Committee Members 2018, Jake Eagle and Jeremy Scheffler