Our History

Delta Chi Fraternity History

 Early in the year 1922, at The University of Alabama, several men grouped themselves into a secret organization known as the Tombs Club.  Finding that  that close fellowship was impossible in this club, two of its members decided to withdraw. These men were Lyman Dorgan Toulmin and Roy Robertson Wilkie. As a result of their decision, they became the founders of the local fraternity, Theta Sigma. The organization was brought about on the night of November 22, 1923. In keeping with the standards of the fraternity, the chapter took Jefferson J. Coleman as its first pledge.

     From the first night of its founding, Theta Sigma was favored with much success. The fraternity rented its rooms with Dr. Earnest Bell, but soon these rooms became too small. Better and more spacious rooms were obtained in the famous and historic Gorgas residence, the old home of General Gorgas. In the early part of 1924, the fraternity rented and furnished a home for its members. Theta Sigma remained in this home until the opening of the 1925-26 term. It then moved into a house formally occupied by the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.


From two members, Theta Sigma increased with care to 25. Finding that a group this size could really enjoy a close fellowship, for a time it was decided to limit the membership to that number. Among these men were many campus leaders who were prominent in every phase of college life, seven were Phi Beta Kappas.

On December 1924, Theta Sigma decided to petition a national fraternity. After carefully looking into several national organizations and after talking with Mr. A. Clements Parker, Delta Chi from New York University, Theta Sigma found that its ideals and principles coincided with those of Delta Chi. From a study of the history of Delta Chi and from association with several of its members, we know that Delta Chi is one of the really great, worthwhile National Fraternities. With these facts in mind, the members of Theta Sigma unanimously voted to petition the National Fraternity of Delta Chi for a charter. 

     The Alabama Chapter of Delta Chi was chartered February 12, 1927, on the corner of Bryant Drive and Colonial Avenue, which is now the site of University Hall. Later, the house was moved to the corner of Hackberry and Bryant Drive and again was moved to Marr's Spring Road, on the site that is now the Bruno's Business Library. This house was the home for Delta Chi until 1971 when our present house was completed at 511 Jefferson Avenue.

Throughout the years after it received charter, Delta Chi Fraternity gained numbers and prominence at the Capstone. Delta Chi has maintained an active role in campus politics. Tom Starlin, Benny Cleveland, Robert Vance, Ray Pate, Rob Riley and Mark Bain are Delta Chi men who have served as SGA President. You can find Delta Chi men's touch in every branch of campus politics.



Notable Alumni

Jefferson J. Coleman

Jefferson J. Coleman

"AA" Emeritus
President of The University of Alabama Alumni Association
Namesake of Coleman Coliseum

 Foy Guin

Foy Guin

Federal Judge Birmingham

Richard Shelby

Richard Shelby, 1967 

US Senator, Alabama: 1987 to Present
Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee: 2015 to Present
Namesake of Shelby Hall

Robert Vance

Robert Vance, 1950 

Federal Judge, Birmingham

 John Langston

John Langston

Anchorman, WBRC-TV, Birmingham

John Ed Willoughby

John Ed Willoughby

Broadcaster, WERC, Birmingham

 Noah Langdale

Noah Langdale, 1941

Former President of George State University

Transformed the University from a two-building college to a major university from 1957 to 1988

Namesake of Langdale Hall at Georgia State University